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Better Beetle Blaster is a plastic device inserted between frames in a hive to trap Small Hive Beetles (SHB) and help protect/monitor healthy honeybee colonies. The trap, 23 cm long and 3.5 cm deep, is designed to fit neatly between outer frames in a hive. Each Beetle Blaster can hold about 25ml of vegetable oil which acts as the trapping fluid. The holes in the top of Better Beetle Blaster are big enough to allow SHB to enter, but cannot be accessed by honeybees.



  • Keeping bees healthy is essential in controlling SHB. Weak colonies are much more vulnerable
  • Make sure traps are not completely filled to ensure that trapped SHBs cannot climb out
  • The traps can be partly filled with apple cider vinegar with a layer of oil floating on top. Apple cider vinegar is a particularly attractive bait

Better Beetle Blaster

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